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Construction Dumpster

Our large selection of construction dumpsters comes with free delivery to anywhere in the city.

Residential Dumpster

With multiple sizes of dumpsters available for rent, you can get exactly the size you need for your project.

Permanent Dumpster

As one of the leading dumpster rental businesses in the area, we offer quality customer service and reliable services.

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in Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake City homeowners and contractors alike have reason to be excited about Rent A Dump's offering of construction dumpsters in the area. Our groundbreaking service provides solutions for any project, from home renovations to large-scale construction jobs. In addition to their reliable and affordable service, Rent A Dump is committed to keeping Salt Lake City clean by offering environmentally responsible disposal methods. So if you're looking for quality, affordable dumpster rental in Salt Lake City, contact Rent A Dump today at (801) 833-7681

Demo Dumpsters

We offer demo dumpsters that are ideal for any demolition project, large or small. Not only can you take advantage of our friendly and reliable customer service, but our dumpsters are also perfect for contractors and DIYers who want to get rid of unwanted materials quickly. Our demo dumpsters come in several sizes so you’ll easily be able to find the one that best fits your needs.

Siding Dumpsters

We are pleased to offer siding-specific dumpsters for those who are tackling a siding project. Whether you’re replacing sections of existing siding, or you plan to perform a full installation, our siding dumpsters make the job easier so you can complete your project quickly and efficiently.

Builder Dumpsters

Our range of dumpsters are designed to fit the needs of builders, offering efficient removal of large amounts of debris with minimal effort. What’s more, by renting a dumpster through Rent A Dump you’ll be able to store all the debris in one place and avoid additional trips back and forth between your site and the designated disposal area.

Roofing Dumpsters

Looking to do a roofing job but don’t know what to do with the debris? We provide convenient, cost-effective dumpster solutions for any roofing project. Our roofing dumpsters come in multiple sizes designed for optimal convenience and are guaranteed to contain all debris so that you don’t have to worry about any stray material winding up on your lawn or in neighboring yards.

Concrete Dumpsters

The job of removing your old concrete is now easier than ever with Rent A Dump’s selection of Concrete Dumpsters. Built with heavy-duty frames and sides, these can handle large quantities of concrete material efficiently and quickly. The variety of sizes available at Rent A Dump enables you to choose the one that best suits the size and scope of your project.

Dirt/Rock Dumpsters

Have dirt, rock, or debris projects you need to get rid of in a timely manner? Well don’t worry, because Rent A Dump has your back with our dirt/rock dumpsters. We have many sizes of dumpsters to fit your needs, no matter the size of the project. You can even save time and money so you can do more with it instead of worrying about taking care of that dirt/rock cleanup yourself.

Landscape Dumpsters

We provide a convenient way to rent a dumpster and clean up any messes from your landscaping endeavor with ease and efficiency. Whether you’re replacing sod, building a new flower bed, or planting trees, Rent A Dump has many options to help you easily get rid of the debris from your job.

Remodeling Dumpsters

Whether you’re demolishing walls and removing the remnants of your kitchen or bathroom, or doing a complete overhaul, our goal is to make sure your time and energy are spent on executing the remodel itself in a timely manner. Each delivery is carefully planned out and organized so you don’t need to worry about headaches your construction project can cause.

Same-Day Dumpster Service

You no longer have to wait for days for a dumpster. With same-day delivery and pick-up, you can now attend to projects faster and more conveniently. From small scale clean outs to construction debris. Rent A Dump will provide a reliable same-day dumpster that is sure to impress both residential and commercial customers!

Disaster Clean Up Dumpsters

In the wake of a disaster, you need a hand to help with cleaning up as soon as possible. We offer high quality dumpsters for renting and using in any kind of disaster recovery setup. Whether you need a small 12-yard dumpster for a single-family residence or 30-yard for large apartment complexes, we have exactly what you need to get the job done fast.

Builder Association Dumpsters

Rent A Dump is the definitive source for Builder Association dumpsters. With short to long-term rental options, not only can you find everything needed to clear out a construction site quickly, but also be assured of competitive prices on high-quality solutions. We understand that your time is valuable, and we strive to make the process quick and easy with all rules and regulations taken care of.

Contractor Association Dumpsters

We believe that our association dumpsters provide our customers with the best in waste removal services for numerous projects so we provide clean, high quality dumpsters that meet any project’s requirements. Contact us and let us show you why we are the premier provider of contractor association dumpsters in town!

About Us


in Salt Lake City, Utah

If you need extra space for those household projects or debris from home renovations, plan no further with Rent A Dump. All the hassle of a traditional dumpster experience is eliminated with our helpful team and easy rental process. We offer residential dumpsters to suit your needs - whether it be small scale hauling tasks such as single room cleanouts or larger projects like deck removals or roof replacements. Make the service that takes out the waste an effortless part of your process with Rent A Dump. Call us today at (801) 833-7681 and we’ll take out the hassle!

Move Out Dumpsters

Our move-out dumpsters are ideal for people who are moving and need an efficient way to discard waste. Rather than having to make endless trips to the local landfill, the easy solution is to rent a dumpster from Rent A Dump. Our helpful staff will guide you on which size and type of dumpster you should get based on the amount of waste you have.

Real Estate Dumpsters

Real estate dumpsters are a great way to ensure that production and cleanup processes go smoothly on a construction site. It can accommodate no matter how much debris needs to be cleared away! Whether you are performing some spring cleaning or completely renovating an old space, our real estate dumpsters provide the safe y secure disposal solution you need.

Tree Removal Dumpsters

We offer specialized dumpsters specifically designed to remove tree-related debris, providing a convenient way to remove trees. Put all your unwanted branches, shrubs and twigs into a Rent A Dump dumpster, and we’ll take care of the rest. Whether you’re clearing out your garden or preparing to rebuild after some storm damage, we have the right-sized dumpster for you.

Junk Removal Dumpsters

Rent A Dump offers the perfect solution with their convenient Junk Removal Dumpsters. Perfect for both individuals and businesses, these sturdy dumpsters will help you shed all those extra items you no longer need with minimal hassle – from giving an old room a makeover to decluttering your workspace, these dumpsters can help make your life easier.

Yard Clean Out Dumpsters

Let our convenient dumpsters help you with any yard clean out project large or small. Our big, reliable yard cleanout dumpsters are the perfect catch-all for debris, bulky items, and any other excess material lurking in your yard. Don’t let your outdoor space be overrun with unneeded junk – come to Rent A Dump and take advantage of our great services.

HOA Association Dumpsters

With the expectations on HOA groups constantly increasing, Rent A Dump provides a much-needed service for the time-consuming and necessary job of managing waste removal needs. Our team is experienced and knowledgeable about Association-specific needs, from common requirements to state and local laws – so you can be sure that your rental is meeting all necessary criteria.

Kitchen Remodel Dumpsters

If you’re considering a kitchen remodel, Rent A Dump is here to help. We offer dumpsters to hold all of the debris associated with kitchen remodels such as cabinets, fixtures, appliances and more. With our roll-off containers you won’t have to worry about making multiple trips to the landfill, allowing your remodel project to move forward much faster.

Garage Clean Out Dumpsters

Our easy-to-use dumpster rentals come in a variety of sizes perfect for completing any type of garage clean out. We take all the hassles and headaches out of decluttering with convenient services such as delivery and pick up. Plus, our prices are unbeatable and we guarantee that we will get the job done right so that you can have a clean and organized garage space in no time.

House Decluttering Dumpsters

Tired of rummaging through an endless stream of old items that are collecting dust in your home? We have the perfect solution for you: House Decluttering Dumpsters! All you have to do is fill up the dumpster as much as you want and we’ll take care of the rest.

rent a dump


in Salt Lake City, Utah

Businesses that produce large amounts of waste know the struggle it can be to properly and safely dispose of it. That's where Rent A Dump comes in! We offer industrial dumpsters, perfectly suited for the needs of those who need to clean up a large amount of debris. We will help you determine what size container is most suitable for what you need to discard, as well as deliver the containers giving you plenty of time for your project - so no worries about meeting a timeline. So contact us today at (801) 833-7681 and discover how our industrial dumpsters can save you time and money on your next commercial endeavor!

Corporate Dumpsters

Businesses create and produce a lot of trash every day, which can often be a hassle to manage and dispose of properly. That’s where Rent a Dump comes in! Our innovative corporate dumpsters are designed to provide an easy solution to business-generated waste. They’re made with heavy-duty steel, making them sturdier than the average household dumpster.

Recycling Dumpsters

Do you need a place to store or recycle your recyclable material? We provide the perfect service for those who have too much trash to manage. With our Recycling Dumpsters, you can easily store and organize large volumes of materials that require special disposing methods. Not only do we help make your life easier, but we also provide an environmentally friendly solution to excess waste.

Permanent Dumpsters

When it comes to waste management, permanence can provide peace of mind. Our permanent dumpsters are designed to help you take care of your trash for the long-term. These dumpsters have state-of-the-art features that make them durable and able to handle more volume than other containers, so whatever project you’re working on, renting one from is sure to be a quality decision.

Short Term Dumpsters

If you’re looking for a short-term, waste removal solution, we have exactly what you need. Our dumpster rentals are perfect for individuals or businesses who have time sensitive disposal needs. Whether it’s a renovation project, an outdoor event that requires the collection of practical items, or simply having some extra space during a big move – we got you covered.

Long Term Dumpsters

When your business accumulates more than the average amount of waste, it can be challenging to manage a steady flow. To make this problem easier to manage, Rent A Dump offers long-term dumpsters for convenient disposal solutions. Our rental units are designed for reliable holding solutions for any type of waste you need to dispose of.

Multiple Dumpsters On Site

With the ability to accommodate a variety of types and sizes, you can have the opportunity to rent several dumpsters at once with ease. You can select from many different ranges in terms of size, pick-up frequency, or contents so you are sure to find an option that works for whatever project you are undertaking.


Rent A Dump is the name to trust when it comes to dumpster rental in Salt Lake City, UT. When you need a dumpster for any project, don't hesitate to contact us - we'll make sure there's a bin available for whatever job you have. Whether you are looking for one-time use or on a recurring basis, don't stress about finding reliable collections - just get in touch with Rent A Dump and we will take care of everything!

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